Our culture of innovation

Thinking ahead – staying ahead

Our products don’t just follow the zeitgeist, they stay ahead of it. As a team that thrives on innovation, we find solutions where others see problems. And we keep pushing ahead where others are content with their success. We also maintain an active dialogue with customers, suppliers and renowned universities and technical colleges.

Existing products are constantly optimised at BRUSS in order to improve their service life, quality and safety as well as to reduce production and installation costs.

In order to integrate innovation as an inherent part of our work, we rely on CTM, or Concept To Manufacturing, originally a part of Toyota’s production system that we have adapted for our needs: At regular intervals, interdisciplinary teams inform all levels of management on progress so that quality and costs can permanently monitored, time-wasting and mistakes can be avoided, and all those involved can be integrated. The result are new technologies that BRUSS introduce to the market economically and on time.

Contributing to automotive progress is what motivates us and is an obligation that we are glad to fulfil based on our tradition.