Dynamic sealing systems

There is no way around it

When it comes to dynamic sealing systems, BRUSS has been an industry leader for over 50 years because our portfolio includes every technology be it microlips, PTFE, F-LESS® or Z-CON®.

Each variant can be combined and easily mounted with RWDR, IWDR®, IWDS® and cassettes for flawless, safe results.

Our F-LESS® technology, introduced in 2004, was developed in order to meet the demands of modern engine technology. It surpasses all elastomer and PTFE seals in terms of service life and reliability. The combination of flat sealing lip contact and the ease of installing the elastomer shaft seal without a spring makes F-LESS® extremely resilient and inexpensive to install. In addition, it can easily be tested thanks to optimum air leakage values.

The essentials in brief:

  • Microlips
  • Cut PTFE
  • Coined PTFE
  • F-LESS®