The history of the company

Moving forward

How did we turn a small business into a leading worldwide automotive supplier? The history of BRUSS – still a family business today despite going international – offers an answer to this question. It is a mixture of personality and performance that makes us unique.

Günther and Gertrud Bruss begin as sole proprietors selling and distributing O-rings.

Dichtungstechnik Mahlich & BRUSS KG is founded on 15 October 1959 and invests in the construction of its own manufacturing equipment. O-rings are manufactured with in-house compression machines in Großhansdorf (Schleswig-Holstein). The start-up capital is €3,500.

For capacity reasons, production is moved to Hoisdorf, just a few kilometres away. The headquarters of the BRUSS Group is still there today. After Mr. Mahlich’s death, Günther and Gertrud Bruss acquire all of the shares in Dichtungstechnik G. BRUSS KG.

The product range is expanded by including head-cover and sump gaskets. BRUSS concentrates its efforts on the rising automotive market in Germany. Mercedes-Benz becomes its first OEM customer.

A subsidiary is established in São Paulo, Brazil. This existed until 1988.

BRUSS begins manufacturing radial shaft seals, emphasising its expertise as a sealing specialist for automotive applications.

BRUSS builds another factory abroad in Sligo, Ireland, and begins producing elastomer mouldings.

BRUSS is growing worldwide so requires a location in North America. The Federal Mogul Corp. from Detroit, Michigan, USA acquires a minority interest of 49% in the BRUSS Group. The company takes on a new legal structure and begins operating under the name Dichtungstechnik G. BRUSS GmbH & Co KG.

During the transaction, BRUSS acquires from Federal Mogul all of the shares of Federal Mogul S.A. In Durango, Spain. The factory in northern Spain begins operating under the name BRUSS Juntas Téchnicas S. en Com.

The joint venture BRUSS Federal Mogul Sealing Systems in Summerton, South Carolina, USA commences production. BRUSS holds a 51% stake in the venture.

By founding BRUSS Werk Brieselang GmbH & Co. KG in Brieselang, Brandenburg, Germany, BRUSS opens up a plant in the east of Germany and, because of its rapid expansion, increases its manufacturing capacity.

BRUSS Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG is established with the partner Novapax Kunststofftechnik Steiner GmbH & Co. KG in Brandenburg, Germany. The company expands its range of services to include high-quality plastic components for powertrains. The BRUSS Group holds a 2/3 stake in BRUSS Kunststofftechnik.

BRUSS decides to reacquire Federal Mogul’s shares in the BRUSS Group. The company is fully family owned once again.

Oliver Bruss, the son of the founders, joins the BRUSS Group operations team, managing the internationalising the company, and takes control of the factories abroad. BRUSS North America Inc. is founded in Orion, Michigan, USA.

Oliver Bruss chairs the executive board of the BRUSS Group. The founders, Günther and Gertrud Bruss, go into retirement.

With the goal of securing the long-term future of the BRUSS Group for employees and customers, Günther and Gertrud Bruss sign over all shares in the BRUSS Group to Oliver Bruss.

Construction of the production facility and North American headquarters in Russell Springs, Kentucky, USA.

BRUSS Polska sp. z o.o. founded in Mragowo, Poland.

The expansion of the BRUSS Group’s global presence to Japan is made possible by a comprehensive technology and cooperation agreement with the sealing specialist Keeper Co. LTD in Japan. The network is comprised of development centres in Europe, North America and Japan, as well as ten production facilities in the triad.

BRUSS opens an office in Shanghai in order to provide technical support to automotive producers in China. The construction of a plant in the Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone is planned for 2010.

BRUSS Sealing Systems (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Is founded in the Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone. -->

The joint venture BRUSS KEEPER Co. Ltd. is established in Japan with the Japanese sealing specialist KEEPER Co. Ltd.

PTFE Compounds Germany GmbH is founded and operations commence in Biere, near Magdeburg, Germany. It belongs to the company until 2014.

Expansion of BRUSS North America and BRUSS Polska sp. z o.o.

Complete acquisition of shares in BRUSS Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG from minority shareholder Novapax Kunststofftechnik Steiner GmbH & Co. KG.

BRUSS Werk Eisenberg/Thüringen, an aluminium die-casting company, is established.

Expansion of plants in Poland and Shanghai. Change of name from Dichtungstechnik G. BRUSS GmbH & Co. KG to BRUSS Sealing Systems GmbH.

BRUSS Sealing Systems (Taicang) Co. Ltd. opens a new plant with approximately 15,000 m² of production, storage and administrative space in Taicang, Jiangsu Province, People’s Republic of China.

Relocation of Taicang plant in China complete: The new BRUSS China plant is located in Taicang, in an economic development zone in the province of Jiangsu, around 20 km outside of Shanghai. With an area of over 15,000 square metres, the plant is four times as large as its predecessor in Shanghai.

In September 2022 Oliver Bruss left the management, while Thomas Hinz and André Ralfs remain active in the management.

As of 01.01.2024, the management changes from Thomas Hinz and André Ralfs to Andreas Rapp and Carlo Crosetto.